Friday, January 30, 2009

"My Bloody Valentine: 3-D" (2009) Grade: C-/D+

Ok Here we go I am going to write short reviews for everything I have seen in the past few weeks.
My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009):
Grade: C-/D+

My first film of 2009. I was basically dragged to this by my boyfriend who basically flips out over anything 3-D. I admit it was a very fun movie to watch. It was not as bad as I had expected but it still was not good. However, it was better than the original which was really horrible outside of the beginning and the very end. There was one scene in the film with Jamie King and another girl in the supermarket that was well done. A few of the kills were a lot of fun and the 3-D was really fantastic. It enhanced everything a great deal and made the experience a memorably fun time. That being said it was below average for several reasons. One was the fact that the twist at the end was ridiculous and pretty obvious once you get 40 minutes into the film. There is a lengthy scene with a naked woman running around being chased and it goes on for what seems like forever. While the woman was a pretty likeable character that does not change the fact that it is being put there for the sole purpose of heterosexual men seeing a completely naked woman tormented for their own amusement. Jamie King did her job well in the film; I liked her character enough. Kerr Smith was ridiculous and over the top but in an entertaining way. Jensen Ackles who in the past has shown that he actually is a good actor as Dean Winchester on “Supernatural” is really not very good in this. His soap opera background comes out a lot and he never really can bring anything notable together in this. These flaws shine through at times on “Supernatural” but he has proven himself capable of powerful emotion when the time comes on that show. I was hoping to see him able to carry a film but he cannot. He made the last 10 minutes pretty laughably bad. So yeah, a really fun time but not a good film.

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