Monday, January 26, 2009

Reactions to the SAGS

Hello everyone! Sorry I never post anymore. School takes up all of my time. I tried to post stuff on here a while ago but it would not let me so I will give it a go here.

Reactions to the SAGS:

- The TV Categories are a jokeas they always are because with acting from "Lost" and "Battlestar Galactica" (a show that many magazines and newspapers have stepped out to say carries the best acting on television today which I agree with) not being represented it is simply not a fair competition. That being said, I was happy to see Hugh Laurie get awarded not because he deserves it, although he is insanely good on the episodes I have seen but because he gives the best speeches. I was happy to see "Mad Men" win even though I have not seen the show because I fully intend on watching it.

-The E! interviews with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the most awkward and I mean the most awkward preshow interviews to an award show I have ever seen. Juliana was rambling, asking the weirdest questions, she was clearly nervous and Angelina and Brad could not give a shit about being up there. Angelina was giving very half hearted responses in some cases simply staring at Juliana. In the meantime Brad refused to answer a question and just thought the whole thing was ridiculous. Talk about awkward.

-Kate Winslet winning for Supporting Actress, while exciting, does not help us any with understanding the Best Supporting Actress race at the Oscars because she is not in the category. Personally I want it to go to Viola Davis. Then where does that leave the Best Actress race? Meryl vs. Kate? Meryl won last night giving a truly fantastic speech in which she rightfully praised the work of actresses this year. Streep very much leans towards feminist thinking and I love her for that. Apparently everyone has forgotten about Anne Hathaway though which is the performance that I want to win (with Winslet as a very close second).

-Gary Oldman went up to accept Heath's award this time which was very moving. I have massive amounts of love for Gary Oldman.

-Sean Penn winning the SAG last night to me solidifies his spot as Best Actor at the Oscars. I do not mind much because Penn was just ridiculously remarkable as Harvey Milk. Even though I would like Rourke to win, if he was going to lose, I cannot think of a more deserving performance than Penn's. His speech was interesting. I think he had clear things to say that sort of got muddled in the immediacy of the moment. Looking back on it, he praised everyone's work very sincerely, he insulted TV commentators who want to pit Penn against Rourke in this race and create anomosity where there is none (they are good friends). While I think Sean Penn's acting is virtually unbeatable today I hav never been a fan of his from what I have seen of him as a person, like at all. That being said, his speech was very geniune and appreciative and of the moment.

-Ok so Best Ensemble goes to "Slumdog Millionaire" even though "Milk" by far by far by far by far had the better ensemble. If not "Milk" than "Doubt" deserved it. Seriously, you do not get better ensemble acting than "Milk". It just does not happen. "Doubt" is a freaking powerhouse of
acting. The SAG treated Best Ensemble as Best Picture and that is not the way it should work. This film is now unfortunately unstoppable. Last night proved it. Again I really liked the film, even loved so many parts of it. But the sweep that it is doing everywhere it goes is so annoying. And it will not stop.

Ok that is all for now. Oh I forgot this adorable and amazing quote from James Franco at the preshow:

The interviewer asks is it harder to be in love with Sean Penn or to be high onscreen?

Franco: "I...I don't know. In life I am in love with Sean Penn and I stopped smoking weed so..."

Also even though it is related to TV this is an article questioning "Battlestar Galactica's" relavance in an Obama world. I love that this article exists. Because what other shows demand that this question be asked in relation to political events of the now?

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