Friday, December 12, 2008

7-Up and 7 Plus 7: Grade: A+

7-Up (1964) and 7 Plus Seven (1970)
Grade: A+

This is not going to be a long review because I honestly have nothing to say about it. It started out as a sociological experiment to explore the class differences and how a group of children are effected throughout their lives by it but it ended up becoming much more important than that and had gone beyond this idea. Michael Apted realized this eventually and saw that this experiment became a series of documents about how people develop, how we change, who we are. It does not get any bigger than that. I find it fascinating how doomed the three lower class girls seem to be in terms of just resigning themselves over to an early marriage and not really doing anything with their lives because it looks as if they have been brought up to understand that there are few options for lower class women. I have seen some of 21 so I am being a little biased towards my knowledge of that one. John is fascinating; I don’t like him at all but I find him to be absolutely fascinating. Neil is my favorite. Although I very much like Bruce as well. Suzie is my favorite of the girls because she is just the most interesting to me. Again I don’t know what to say about it except fascinating. It is not something you can speak during. Absolute attention must be paid to these films in order to get the true experience of marveling at the growth and subtleties in character. Another thing is the attitude the children have towards the series. There are just so many aspects to marvel at here.

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some of my favorite films of all time