Friday, December 12, 2008

Golden Globe Reactions

Wow. Some really unexpected things happened this morning. First this was
apparently an article written to openly rip the Golden Globes apart and
expose them for what they are.

Wow. This is insane. I feel sick supporting stuff like this. And just goes
along to prove my point that all of this is a lot of nonsense. Fun
nonsense but nonsense nonetheless. So my reactions?

Well the biggest news to talk about is the snubbing of Milk and The Dark
Knight outside of Sean Penn and Heath Ledger. I am not really too upset
about The Dark Knight because honestly, it's great, it has some excellent
scenes, incredible acting and an important and unique blending of genres that remarkable, but I think people are overlooking the flaws of the film, of which there
are several. While I think it is a fantastic film and easily the best superhero
film I have ever seen(not the best comic book film, that goes to A History
of Violence, Ghost World, Persepolis and Oldboy) I still think it falls a
bit short of being Best Picture material despite all that it accomplishes. It’s hard because I do think it’s great but between the absolute overhype of the film being the best thing since sliced bread and then add to it the problems I did have with it upon first viewing, it is hard to completely get behind the film despite it greatness. I won’t be upset obviously if it gets a Best Picture nod. Honestly if it does not get nominated we are never going to hear the end of it so it might as well be. By the way, the Blu-Ray of it is a fucking mind blow. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d like to watch it again sometime soon. I hate that there is no time.

Milk on the other hand is a very strange omission, not a deserving one by
any means. It seems like it would have been a Globes film but apparently
not. It is sort of annoying because now I have no idea where the film
stands for the Oscars. I think it will still get in because based on the
article above these people are morons but for all of their moronic traits,
they did recognize a few people that makes me very happy and that I hope
get a boost for the Oscars because of it.

My big joy of the morning was Ralph Fiennes being nominated for "The
Duchess". The fact that they nominated The Reader for so many awards and
that he was up for that as well and they decided to go with his
performance from "The Duchess" which had completely dropped off of the
radar is incredible for me. His performance changed what the film was, it
changed the dynamics between the relationships and he restructured the
role through his performance by adding so much depth that was simply not
in the dialogue alone. It could have been played so differently. To me, it
is the best Supporting Actor performance of the year and I do not
anticipate anything going above it, so to see him be recognized for a
performance that had dropped off the radar completely, especially
considering he was campaigning for "The Reader" because the film is
getting better reception is fantastic.

Although they did nominate Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder so I do not know
how much people are going to take this category seriously. I think it is hilarious that he was nominated even if it is not deserved. He was great though.

There are certain nominations that I am happy about even though I have not seen the films. One is Rebecca Hall for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. This is an actress I have been following since “The Prestige”. I have her on my actresses list despite having only seen her in one thing. So it is nice to see her getting some recognition because I know a lot of people were talking about her presence in the film. Another is the attention for In Bruges. The trailer did not really impress me despite the song usage of the Pixies in the trailer. Then it got pretty fantastic reviews, people were very surprised by how much they liked it and it dropped off the Earth because of its February release. Nobody was talking about it anymore but now I got some nominations and I am happy for it. I’d like to see it. It has even popped up on a couple of Top 10 lists if I am not mistaken.

James Franco for Pineapple Express makes me ecstatic. I am excited for Burn After Reading getting in there as well. Disappointed about no Tropic Thunder. Guess they just did not want to face the truth that the film had. Interesting that they did not go with Melissa Leo for Frozen River. I predicted they weren’t but she is going to need a boost to get in there. It is also interesting that they omitted Rachel Getting Married for Screenplay and Supporting Actresses. Weird considering Lumet could win in that category.

As for TV I am happy to see shows like Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal and Grey’s Anatomy omitted to make room for some different shows. But there’s no Lost so what the fuck is the point of even talking about it.

So that’s all for now. I am going to attempt to churn out some reviews really quickly so I do not get too far behind with this shit. Tomorrow I am supposed to play with a puppy for a little bit and hopefully spend at least 8 hours at the library and do work.

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