Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oscar Update

So it is the time of year leading upto the SAG and Golden Globe Nominations, as Awards are announced and critics Top 10's keep popping up everywhere. I hate how behind I am in everything this year involving the films. I've seen like nothing. This winter vacation I plan on watching tons of stuff. Even stuff I'm mildly interested in, foreign films I can find and documentaries to. I'd like to feel that I have the right to voice my opinion about the Oscars. I'd like to feel that I've seen great things, mediocre films and my fair share of crap. The Choices so far for these awards have been interesting and while they are indicating a lot it seems like there are still a few films that have no idea where they stand within the race.
Something that makes me very happy is the abundance of Wall-E love that has managed to break through the summer season and be at or near the top of virtually everyone's Top 10 list. This makes me very happy since I am seriously campaigning for a Best Picture nod for this film. Ratatouille managed to be at or near the top of everyone's Best of lists for 2007 but I do not recall the film winning or being nominated for any big awards outside of the Animated Film Category. Wall-E has leaped over this hill it seems because it is being nominated along with all of the other big films of the year. It has WON the L.A FIlm Critics Best Picture of the Year, and is nominated for Best Picture from the St. Louis Film Critics Association and the Critics Choice Awards. This means there might be a chance. Nobody is talking about it as a serious possibility but if this keeps up they are going to have to.
I was surprised by the Independent SPirit Awards Nominations I was expecting Milk to swipe. It's upsetting but it is nice to see films being recognized in a way that is so much more about the work than the Oscars are, even though I'm sure Milk deserved to be in there.
Best Picture right now looks like Slumdog, Milk and Curious Case as locks with The Dark Knight as a very strong possibility along with Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road and Rachel Getting Married as possibilites too. And of course Wall-E. I am counting Doubt out right now due to the sort of mixed reviews. It's award nominations will come in the acting categories.
Best Actor looks like its a race between Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn with Clint Eastwood as a dark horse. I suspect that he will pick up more steam when the film comes out. Frank Langella is a strong competitor as well. This leaves one spot open. The three biggest contenders right now are Richard Jenkins for the Visitor, Leonardo DiCaprio for Revolutionary Road and Brad Pitt for Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This is one freaking packed race.
Best Actress seems to have Kristen Scott Thomas, Anne Hathaway and Kate WInslet as a lock although the films absense in the Critics Choice Awards is curious. Some would say Meryl Streep is the biggest lock right now but I am reserving that title to her for a bit because a few had problems with her performance and we still need to see what happens to this mixed reception. I am fascinated by the whole Melissa Leo thing. She probably is a lock. Others would say They could snub her since it is a small film and we know how the Oscars deal with small films that have no names behind them. If she is nominated though, she could win. Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Sally Hawkins are strong possibilities as well. I desperately want Kiera Knightley in but her chances are nil at this point. It’s a strong year for the females as well.
Supporting Actor is the most ridiculous race of them all.
Even though Heath Ledger is expected to win the other 4 spots have many strong contenders vying for a nomination. With none of them being consistent locks. We have Josh Brolin, James Franco, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., Eddie Marsan and Michael Shannon. Emile Hirsch and Ralph Fiennes for The Duchess are two that I am hoping for. It sucks that Fiennes is not getting any recognition considering I think it’s the best Supporting Actor performance I have seen this year. I have 6 supporting actor performances that fall into my top 10 for the year so far so that should say something.
Supporting Actress is wide open and easily the least competitive performance of the bunch. Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelina, Rosemarie DeWitt for Rachel Getting Married and Viola Davis for Doubt are the 3 frontrunners with Kate Winslet for the Reader, Taraji P Henson for Curious Case and Debra Winger for Rachel Getting Married as other very very strong possibilities.

There you have it everyone. As time goes on I will post updates on the race that goes into other categories besides Picture and the Acting Categories. In the meantime enjoy the evening!

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