Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trailer Post #1

Trailer Post 1
Sorry everyone. It has been finals time and I have been doing nothing but work. I am almost done, I just have to write up my Final for Existentialism which I will do tomorrow. So I will be back to posting reviews soon. I saw Frost/Nixon which I will write a review of as soon as I have time. But to get back into the swing of things I am going to post my thoughts on the new trailers that have come out in the past couple of weeks. I plan on doing this every 2 weeks so keep a lookout for them.

“The Ugly Truth” starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler – Yeah these are the types of films I typically do not care about so it’s not that it looks actively horrible but it just looks forgettable and uninteresting. D+

“Dance Flick” from the Wayans Brothers – I have no words for this. F

“Wendy and Lucy” starring Michelle Williams – This is something I am interested in because of Michelle Williams. She looks great in this. I also thought a lot of the shots in the trailer were remarkable and the choice to not have any music during the trailer was also inspired. I am usually not very motivated to see a film with a plot this simple even though I want to be but this looks like a good start for watching films with simple plots. B

“Race to Witch Mountain” starring Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb and Carla Gugino – I’ve always really liked AnnaSophia Robb but probably not enough to watch this. Although if it is on HBO one day I’ll watch it. C

“Adventureland” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds – This looks funny but the reason I am excited about this is that the older son from The Squid and the Whale stars and he is just such a good actor and I am excited to see him getting high profile work like this. I am not big on Ryan Reynolds in comedies but maybe he will be good in this. Good case though and anything with Bill Hader earns points. B

“Delgo” with the voices of Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt and Chris Kattan – So this was the biggest flop of the year and I can see why. I cannot believe this exists. F

“Nothing But the Truth” starring Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon and Vera Farmiga – Good trailer with what looks like I really nice ensemble. It is nice to see Beckinsale showcasing the talent she has that has been squandered on not good work. She’s had a great year and she looks like she is really good in this. B+

“Knowing” starring Nicolas Cage – Ok here is why I am interested in this. It is directed by Alex Proyas who did The Crow and Dark City. He has an eye for cinema. He is not a guarantee hit but he is still a good sign. Also Rose Byrne: I really like her. Third it just looks interesting. Yes it very well could be standard but even if it is it is still the type of film I like even if it is not good so either way I win. But it’s still nice to have an ambitious director behind this. Nic Cage needs a hit desperately. B+

“Terminator: Salvation” starring Christian Bale – I find it strange that Bale is in this because Batman is so big budget it is very odd that he is playing another character as famous as John Connor. Honestly he looks bland in this. He sounds like he is coasting and that he is doing a half assed version of his Batman voice. Honestly I have never been that connected to the Terminator stories and even though I need to revisit the first two films this trailer does not make me have any interest in seeing how the story continues. C-

“Fired Up!” Starring people I could not give a shit about – Oh my Lord this is nauseating. I recognized the main guy half way in as Wes on Heroes who I found to be the most horribly obnoxious loser ever. And the guy who plays his friend is horribly obnoxious as well. And guess what? It’s about them trying to get women by going to cheerleader camp. Why anyone would ever want to watch a movie about these people is so far beyond my comprehension that it would make me lose basically all respect to anyone who would think about wasting their time on this shit. F

“New in Town” starring Renee Zellweger – The movie is called New in Town. And has Harry Connick Jr as the male lead. Uuuuuggggh. D+

“I Love You, Man” – starring Jason Segel, Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones. First of all Jason Segel looks fantastic in this. H is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Second of all it’s Paul Rudd. It’s also Rashida Jones. Third of all it looks really funny. Fourth of all they use “Here Comes Your Man” in the trailer. I am excited for this. B+

“Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian” starring Ben Stiller, Amy Adams and a ton of other people. So I am not going to lie; I enjoyed Night at the Museum. Anna and I saw it right after Children of Men and it was such a pick me up after the brilliant depress fest that was that movie (I still think it’s the best film of 2006). So naturally I want to see this. Judge if you will. B

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Anonymous said...

The Ugly Truth I will see, Dance Flick makes me want to vomit, Wendy and Lucy looks depressing but good, Race to Witch Mountain upsets me because nobody has original ideas anymore I loved the original Escape to Witch Mountain and the Erik Von Detten remake does there seriously need to be more?? Adventureland looks good. Delgo looks like the biggest piece of shit ever created. I don't plan on seeing Nothing But The Truth or Knowing. I enjoyed terminator 1 and 2, skipped 3 and the tv series but will probably see Salvation. New in Town has Renee Zellweger and I don't watch her movies for the most part. I Love You Man looks great. And I liked the first Night at The Museum and while this doesnt look as good I'll still be seeing it