Friday, February 6, 2009

"Barefoot Gen" (1983) Grade: A-

"Barefoot Gen" (1983)
Grade: A-

This was an extremely disturbing yet very moving and masterful anime film dealing with Hiroshima. The first 25 minutes are pretty lighthearted at least compared to the rest of the film. Once the bomb drops there is a sequence of the most disturbing animation I believe I have seen. Everything fits so well here though and there are moments of humor amongst the horror which give the film the humanistic quality that makes the film stand out. I do not know really what else to say except that it was very moving and beautifully put together despite how disturbing it was. I could say a lot more because we have discusses it in my anime class in great detail so I'm well versed on the films themes and depiction of WWII but I have so much more to get through.

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