Friday, February 6, 2009

"Ghost Town" (2008) Grade: B

"Ghost Town" (2008)
Grade: B

This was a nice little film. The music was corny and too slight for my taste and I found Greg Kinnear to be very annoying but Ricky Gervais and Tea Leoni made this movie work (even though it had a very adequate script also). The two of them really pushed this film to its heights. She has such a presence and likability here that she alone gives the audience a layer of involvement that most romantic stories lack. And Ricky Gervais really is fantastic here and it works because as Ebert put it "he's not trying to make people laugh". Alan Ruck and Dana Ovey provide a touching subplot as well. While this movie is not amazing and its not anything to write home about, its a nice and refreshing surprise to the sameness that a lot of films have and it took a few turns I did not expect so overall I certainly would not call the film predictable either and that is another thing the film has that most do not.

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