Friday, February 6, 2009

"The Other Boleyn Girl" (2008) Grade: C

"The Other Boleyn Girl" (2008)
Grade: C

This was not as bad as I expected. I find it hilarious though how literally not one thing in this film is factual. Its all made up. Hardly any of it happened. Anyways, I found the film to be quite entertaining actually with interesting performances from Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson. They each have one birthing scene and its funny to see how they sort of try to outact each other with it. I actually felt Johannson did the better job with the role of Mary than Portman did with Anne. Sometimes they were hard to take seriously and other times they were very effective; it was weird how all over the place they were. Kristen Scott Thomas is always a pleasure to see. The end was effective. I guess my problem with it is that it feels hollow and rushed as if the scenes were cut down to their essentials yet its really long. There is little time for development basically leaving the two actresses of the roles of "the good sister" and "the bad sister". And honestly Henry is such a douche that it makes no sense as to why Mary would actually love him after everything but I guess those were the times. All in all the film just does not too much at all. But I was definitely interested, the performances were adequate and at times quite good, the story was interesting, costumes fantastic and the cinematography pretty. Basically I subjectively enjoyed it much more than I was unimpressed with it objectively.

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