Friday, February 6, 2009

"Stuck" (2008) Grade: A-/B+

"Stuck" (2008)
Grade: A-/B+

"Stuck" is awesome. Seriously awesome. Stuart Gordon is brilliant. This film is so fucked up and has such a weird sense of humor about it that makes me wonder how hard it must be to create a film with an atmosphere like this. This film instead of showing a character making bad decisions that are unrealistic like many of the ones made in horror films, this film shows a character making horrific and seflish decisions that make no sense whatsoever but are so real for some reason. By the end of the film we must assume Brandi's character (Mena Suvari) is insane. Because seriously her constant assertions that none of it was her fault and just basically every single thing she does is so mind boggling to me but in a way that purposely adds to the film and does not detract from it. Suvari is so good here as is Stephen Rea doing so much with not a lot of time before he is stuck in the windshield for much of the film. This was based on a true story, the incident happened exactly as it does in the film as in real life but the film takes liberties from there. The film asks the question what makes people do the WTF things that they do? The score to this was spot on as were the rap songs particularly the one at the beginning giving the film a unique feel right off. I also loved the character of Rashid who starts off as sort of a stereotype but so much is done with him by the end of the film. I think you sort of have to get Gordon's style to get the film and I think you sort of have to get that the film is a dark dark comedy going into it otherwise this is going to seem ridiculous. It is ridiculous. But intentionally so. I loved this film. More than the majority of 2008 stuff I have seen. I think it reaches a near brilliance at times.

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